Summer Workshop
in Seismic Rock Physics

Beijing, China
June 25 – 29, 2007

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An update letter (on March 12, 2007) for the summer workshop

"The Challenges in Seismic Rock Physics"

- Beijing, June 25 - 29, 2007 -


Dear Friends:

We have made progress for preparation of the meeting. This letter contains up-to-date information.

Meeting Location:

We have selected a meeting location: Jiuhua Spa Resort & convention Center, which located in the North of Beijing. Jiuhua Resort is an super complex featured with more than 2000 guest rooms, meeting facility, recreation, hot spring, health club, featured restaurants…. Please check following website for more information:

There is a special hotel price (estimate) for a standard room for the meeting, which will be less than $60 per day including breakfast.

Planned Technical Program: the draft based on the current arrangements

Theme for the workshop:

Seismic data contain reservoir rock and fluid information superimposed on a background of complicated and heterogeneous geologic structures and lithologies. To quantitatively derive rock and fluid properties from seismic attributes is a tough challenge. It requires revolutionary efforts starting with seismic data acquisition and progressing to processing to preserve true reservoir information. It is also a challenge to integrate the wide scales of data from core, log, VSP, to seismic for proper forward and inverse modeling in order to extract true reservoir rock and fluid properties. Meeting topics will focus on how rock physics can help to constrain seismic interpretation and how to ascertain rock and fluid properties from seismic data.

The extended technical program will include:

1. short courses,
2. technical meetings with different topics,
3. workshops
4. exhibition

We are still in the early organizational stage. Therefore, this is a draft up-date of current information. We hope to continue get your input and to complete the technical program soon.

Short course:

The purpose of the short courses are for professional continuing education on up-date knowledge of specific topics. Currently, we have two short courses.

1. Introduction of Fluid and Rock Properties for seismic interpretation

Instructors: Dr. Micheal Batzle (CSM) &
Dr. De-hua Han (UH)??
Date: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, June 23

2. Seismic Inversion Related to Rock Physics (SEG short course)

Instructor: Dr. Brian Russell (Hampson Russell, CGG Varitas)
Date: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, June 24

The courses will be open to public. Cost: $150 per course including lunch.

Technical Meeting:

The meeting will consist of focused sessions, which will be a half day each. We have several invited keynote speakers to present in various sessions to introduce the topics. For example, we have invited a SEG/AAPG distinguish lecture:

Uses, abuses, and examples of seismic-derived acoustic impedance data: What does the interpreter need to know?

to be presented by Ms. Rebecca Latimer, Chevron Energy Technology Company, Houston TX 77002, who is sponsored by Chevron office in China.

We proposal following topics:

† Rock and Fluid Properties & Geology:


Fluid and rock properties correlate to geological (sedimentary compaction) environment, measurements and the road ahead…

† Models, Trends, Templates:

Chair: Per Avseth: (?)

Theoretical models, empirical trends, cross plots, and their applications and limitations in seismic interpretation

† How to Build a Rock Physics Model for a Reservoir?


Systematic and practical ways to build rock physics models for a reservoir based on multi-scale data (core, log, VSP, seismic) and multi-aspect data (geophysics, geology, engineer…)

† DHI, AVO and Beyond:

Chair :

Optimized attributs for DHI, AVO analysis Spectrum decomposition, dispersion and attenuation analysis to develop quantitative hydrocarbon indicators

† Challenges in Seismic Interpretation:

Chair: Nader C. Dutta (Western GECO) (?)

Difficulties of rock physics application in seismic interpretation such as: Identify False DHI, fizz gas, tight gas, thin layers, carbonate reservoirs, anisotropy (VTI & HTI), fracture reservoirs, overpressure (compaction trend and shale)

† Time Lapse:

Chair: David Lumley (4thwaveimaging)

What do we actually observe with time-lapse seismic monitoring? Fluid effect, Pressure effect or…

Workshop Session:

The workshop session is similar to regular meeting section but hope to focus on special topics with practical approach on case studies with more discussions. These sessions will be presented mainly but not limited by different service companies. Presentation will selected based on abstract.

Currently, we plan to schedule two workshops on June 28 (subject to change).

† Log, VSP & Seismic (Morning, June 28):

Chair: Xiaoming Tang (Bakerhughes), & Vivian Pistre (Schlumberger)

DHI in log and VSP, log and seismic tie, Anisotropy effect and more.

† How We Invert Reservoir Properties (Afternoon, June 28):

Chair: Brian Russell (Hampson Russell) & Jeff Baldwin (Fugro-Jason)

What we gain from the modeling and inversion efforts? How we handle and estimate uncertainties? Seismic Inversion and Imaging of Thin-bedded Reservoirs….

Attention: We extended the deadline for abstract submission to April 15. Please submit your abstract ASAP, which will help to organize the tech. Session.

Exhibition Booth:

We will have 200 m2 space for exhibition. It will be divided to 10 to 12 units. The booth is for marketing purposes to show exhibitor's profile, skills, and products. These booths will open at noon and in the evening, but will be closed when the meeting is in session. The booth is the primary place to present market materials, hold discussions, and possibly to introduce products with computer presentations. If your company wants to hold a special meeting, please let us know ASAP, so we can help with arrangements and advertising and provide an estimated cost.

Exhibition booths previously have been offer to our consortium sponsors. Currently, 6 booths have been reserved. We are in negotiating for another two units. If your company is interested in a booth, please contact us ASAP.

Cost for rent a booth: $1000 to $1200 for one unit (June 24-28), including some tables, Chairs, power, etc…

We would like your suggestions for organizing the meeting. For example, if you want to meet with some specific relevant party in China, please let us know. We will do our best to make this meeting and your trip successful.

Thanks for your attention!

De-hua Han

Organizer for the Summer Workshop
"Challenges in Seismic Rock Physics" in Beijing (CSRPB), 2007

Director of Rock Physics Laboratory (RPL)
University of Houston
Pho: 713 743-9471; email: